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Architectural Joinery Specialists

North Kent Joinery

The Highest Standard of Architectural Joinery

Quantity Surveyors

Support for Quantity Surveyors

At North Kent Joinery Ltd, we recognise that just producing beautiful joinery is not enough to address the needs of Quantity Surveyors who will often be working to almost impossible deadlines to submit paperwork for valuations. We will work with you. We are able to produce reports that will allow you to accurately assess and measure the value of joinery items supplied against the Bill of Quantities. We understand that paper trails are important.

FSC and PEFC COC Certification

North Kent Joinery believes in using timber from renewable and sustainable sources. We hope our customers feel the same. We are able to offer FSC and PEFC COC certification on request.

FSC Certificate Registration Code: SA-COC-002777
PEFC Certificate Registration Code: SA-PEFC/COC-002777

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Kent JoineryWaste Recycle Programme

At North Kent Joinery we take waste management very seriously. We recycle 100% of all manufacturing waste by-product. Our solid waste is either composted or recycled for chipboard manufacture; general waste is sent for heat recovery, while we recycle chemical waste in-house and recover and re-use solvents.