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Box sash windows on an older buildingKeep your Kent property safe with the stunning box sash windows from North Kent Joinery.

Having box sash windows installed at your Kent property, will do wonders for your home security, based on the fact that one panel can be opened at a time; making it more challenging for intruders to climb through. 

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Give a traditional look and feel to your Kent property 

Our experienced joiners use a combination of both modern and traditional techniques to craft stunning box sash windows for an extensive range of architects, builders, private homeowners and quantity surveyors across Kent; from the world renowned Brunel Sawmill in Chatham. Our box sash windows will give any property a lovely traditional feel and look; based on their versatile and low maintenance qualities, we will provide a long lasting solution that will benefit you for years to come.  

Crafted in line with the current building regulations, our box sash windows will provide your Kent property with the utmost security, style and quality. We design and build all of our box sash windows in our workshop in the world famous Brunel Sawmill in The History Dockyard, Chatham, so we are perfectly placed to offer our distinguished services to customers across Kent.

Whether we are just manufacturing one window, or working on a whole project, our experienced joiners love taking on challenging and unique projects and installing box sash windows that make a difference to any property. 

Kent's Leading Bespoke Box Sash Windows 

To find out more about what our box sash windows will do for your Kent property, call us today on 01634 826903, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements.