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High Quality Box Sash Windows in Tunbridge Wells

Box sash windows on an older buildingAdd a traditional look and feel to your Tunbridge Wells property with the exceptional quality box sash windows from North Kent Joinery.

Based on their versatility, our box sash windows look stunning on any Tunbridge Wells property; especially when crafted by our experienced joiners.

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Low Maintenance and High Quality Box Sash Windows

In comparison to casement windows, box sash windows require very little maintenance, as you will not have to sand them or apply coats of varnish or carry out any other activities. As well as this, they are also a brilliant way of protecting your Tunbridge Wells home as they open one panel at a time which therefore means that it is increasingly challenging for intruders to climb through. 

Using a mix of both modern and traditional techniques, our box sash windows are highly resistant and aesthetically pleasing, providing a traditional and exceptional feel. Regulated and manufactured to current building regulations, you can be assured that your windows are not only secure but also stylish and elegant, providing you with a stunning addition to your Tunbridge Wells property.

Based in Chatham, Kent. We are perfectly placed to service homeowners, architects, builders and quantity surveyors across Tunbridge Wells with stunning quality box sash windows; manufactured from our specialist brunel sawmill workshop. Whether its one window or several, it does not faze our highly qualified and skilled joiners; they thrive off of niche and stimulating projects and this is what makes our box sash windows one of the best in the area.  

Box Sash windows improving properties across Tunbridge Wells

To find out more about our joiners supplying and installing box sash windows for your Tunbridge Wells property , call us today on 01634 826903, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements.