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Architectural Joinery Specialists

North Kent Joinery

The Highest Standard of Architectural Joinery

The Very Best Replacement Windows in Gillingham

Our Chatham based joiners are perfectly placed to craft architectural replacement windows for customers in Gillingham.

When you own a periodic building, there are certain aspects which are extremely fragile; some more than others, like the windows. When extreme temperatures arise, can cause the glass to become shattered or broken, leaving you with a costly repairs bill. Why not get in touch with the Gillingham's professional joiners at North Kent Joinery? For decades we have been manufacturing and fitting stunning architectural replacement windows for historic buildings throughout Gillingham; including Elizabethan, casement, double glazed and box sash windows. 

In Gillingham there are many domestic and commercial buildings and historic houses that make up a huge amount of the region's appeal and character. Throughout our decades of experience in being reputable joiners, we have worked on a variety of historic buildings and even had the chance to collaborative and work with the English Heritage; on the maintenance, upkeep and replacement of window fittings, as well as other carpentry and joinery projects.

So if you work in or own a period building that as broken, shattered or damaged windows, then get in touch with our Gillingham joiners today on 01634 826 903 for more information, our friendly and helpful team will be on hand to discuss your requirements. 

Crafting, supplying and fitting stunning replacement windows

We have crafted, supplied and fitted an abundance of architectural replacement windows for properties throughout Gillingham, including:

  • Arched windows 
  • Box sash windows 
  • Double glazed windows 
  • Single glazed windows 
  • Tudor windows 
  • Sash windows 
  • Georgian windows 
  • Casement windows 
  • Elizabethan windows 
  • Bay windows 
  • Storm proof windows 
  • Arts and Crafts windows 

Perfectly located in the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, we are conveniently placed to service our Gillingham clients with exceptional quality periodic window replacements; all of which comply with the required statutory requirements, so rest assured when you hire our Gillingham joiners, you are getting both high quality and safety standards.

Having your windows replaced by North Kent Joinery, is often the most effective and affordable method of restoring your periodic building windows as having them repaired is far more expensive. Especially if you are looking to change windows, as we have an extensive variety that will look both authentic and stunning on any Gillingham, Medway or Kent historic building.

Based in Chatham, Kent we provide architectural window replacements for periodic building owners throughout Gillingham. Call us now on 01634 826 903 to speak with our friendly and helpful team who will be on hand to give you all the information you need. You can also send us a message through our contact page.