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Replacement Windows Maidstone

Here at North Kent Joinery, we offer a large variety of replacement windows that are perfect for any property in Maidstone.

Our skilled joiners in Chatham have the expertise to create a diverse range of replacement windows for owners of historical buildings in Maidstone. These include casement, tudor, arched, and bay windows. Crafting architectural style windows requires experience and skill, qualities that our dedicated team possesses abundantly. Over the years, as experienced joiners, we have worked on numerous centuries-old historic buildings in Maidstone. Each building presented unique challenges that needed to be addressed in order to restore them to their original state.

Maidstone boasts a multitude of historic houses and buildings that contribute significantly to the county's charisma and allure. As reputable joiners specialising in replacement windows, we have been privileged to collaborate with English Heritage for more than thirty years. Our responsibilities include maintaining, preserving, and replacing window fittings along with various other joinery ventures in Maidstone.

If you are the owner of a historical building in Maidstone and require immediate window replacements due to breakage or damage, do not hesitate to contact us at 01634 826 903 for further details.

All Kinds of Replacement Windows For Your Maidstone Building:

  • Bay windows 
  • Georgian windows 
  • Box sash windows 
  • Tudor windows 
  • Arched windows 
  • Casement windows 
  • Elizabethan windows 
  • Double glazed windows 
  • Single glazed windows 
  • Sash windows 
  • Storm proof windows 
  • Arts and Crafts windows 

Our joiners in Chatham are conveniently located to cater to clients throughout Maidstone, offering period window replacement and repairs. All the windows we replace adhere to the required legal standards, guaranteeing quality and safety.

Our replacement window service provides a cost-effective solution for restoring the windows of your Maidstone periodic building. Repairing them can be pricier when compared to our durable and long-lasting replacement windows, which are specially designed and built for superior performance.

Based in Chatham, our joiners craft a variety of architectural replacement windows for historic building owners throughout Maidstone.  

Call us now on 01634 826 903 to speak with our friendly and dedicated team who will be on hand to give you all the information you need. You can also send us a message through our contact page.